Friday, September 2, 2011

Labor Day diversions, travel myths, and goodbye summer

Labor Day Weekend marks the traditional end of summer. Students will be returning to school (and are already in school in Florida), many people will be taking their last big trip of the summer, in the Northeast, summer cottages will begin closing up and thoughts change toward autumn activities (football).

Radio Man and History Lady thought that this would be a good week to fly solo without a special guest and get caught up on Talkin’ Tourism notes accumulated over the summer that never quite made it on air.

So, what are some of the topics of conversation for the show?
We will also share with our listeners the status of various resorts and marina facilities in the Bahamas post Hurricane Irene. Yes, folks the Islands of the Bahamas are definitely open for business!

All in all it is a remarkable recovery and we will talk about how the Islands of the Bahamas dealt with this terrible storm and got things together post Irene.

Thanks for joining us again this week as we roll from the 'Good Ol’ Summertime' toward an new and busy tourist season, which will be here before we know it!
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