Monday, October 3, 2011

Indiantown rodeo, history, and updates

Allon Fish with Talkin' Tourism co-host Robin Hicks Connors.
After being on the road for two shows it was really good to be back in the Sailfish Marina studio. Our special guest Allon Fish from the Western Martin County/Indiantown Chamber of Commerce was no “fish out of water!" It had been some time since Talkin’ Tourism had caught up with Allon so it was a great reunion.

Allon was kind enough to provide listeners with some history of the Indiantown Rodeo, which helped put the upcoming event into perspective. One thing that is great about tourism in all its forms is that it always encompasses history one way or the other, much to the pleasure of Talkin’ Tourism's own History Lady.

There is a great deal of community support for the revival of the rodeo and it will definitely have strong tourism impact "out west”. Allon also shared other great initiatives happening in Indiantown. If you missed the show, grab your chaps and boots (speaking of chaps, we heard Seacoast National Bank--a sponsor of the rodeo---had a spectacular pair) and listen to the show here

Other topics covered included updates on regional and local events, St. Lucie County Chamber of Commerce’s Visitor Friendly program, the Martin County Convention and Visitors Bureau’s contract renewal, and lots more.

Thanks for tuning in! We love our Talkin' Tourism fans!
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