Monday, October 10, 2011

Tourism professional takes tourist role and shares African adventure

It is not every day that you get to hear about what a trip to Kenya, Africa is like, especially from the perspective of a travel and tourism professional. Despite spending ten days in the wilds of Africa, the tourism product itself was amazingly polished according to adventurer and executive director of the Martin County Convention and Visitors Bureau Rozeta Mahboubi. With visitors from all over the world traveling to see the wonders of the African wilderness, it was truly amazing how professional the experience was orchestrated. Rozeta’s recap was very enlightening especially with regards to the recognition of the importance of tourism to the country’s economy. They do not take tourism for granted!

As always, tourism has a political side, especially when there are funds involved. While the Florida legislative session is still months away, there is already much chatter about important issues the tourism industry will face. Two returning issues include the amount of tourism tax (or lack of) paid by online reservation services, and whether Visit Florida will remain intact as the State of Florida’s tourism promotional entity.

Needing a little 'island time' Robin, Gary and Rozeta remarked about how similar the Treasure Coast is with its many waterways and cool waterfront watering holes to exotic island destinations around the globe. That led to a lively conversation about some of the group's favorites and why. Was your favorite mentioned? Is there one (or more) you haven't yet explored?  Pour yourself a cold one, tune in to last Friday’s show and take a mini-vacation right here on Talkin’ Tourism. 

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