Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pet travel and safety tips for motorists and motorcycle enthusiasts

Exotic bird expert Jason Shane with Gary Guertin.
 Pets were definitely the big topic on the show with Jason Shane, owner of Birds on Safari, as our special guest. With birds being one of the most popular pets in U.S. households, it was very interesting to learn what lengths Birds on Safari goes to ensure the feathered critters their customers board at the shop are made to feel “right at home” while the “bird parents” are off on a trip. From special diets to toys to time out of the cage, boarding pet birds is more of an art than a science. 

Jason with special guest co-host Ed Griffith.
Special guest co-host Ed Griffith
shared his motorcycle "history" this week
with listeners.
Are you considering taking your pet bird out of the country? In addition to “bird talk,” Gary and special guest host Ed Griffith shared some insights about what you should know about air travel with your pet. Did you know that some species of dogs and cats are definitely NOT suitable candidates for flying below cabin? And, do you know what questions you should ask your airline of choice before making arrangements to fly your beloved dog or cat? If not, you'll definitely want to listen to the October 14 edition of Talkin' Tourism.

Planning on cruising to the Bahamas this winter or spring? Well, it is pretty straight forward process if you want to take you dog or cat with you. We walked through the step-by-step process required by the Bahamian government to allow your pet to enjoy the Bahamas too. Here's the permit application link referenced during the show, and here's The Island of the Bahamas Importation of Pets link with more information.

After the "pet talk," discussion moved on to Biketober Fest. Thanks to AAA Auto Club South, we shared some safety tips for motorists and motorcycle enthusiasts, as well as details on Biketober Fest, which just finished up in Daytona Beach, Florida.

For locals, as well as folks planning to visit the Treasure Coast over the next several months, there are a host of great events coming up--from air shows and Pineapple Festivals to those celebrating the Treasure Coast's bootlegging and Florida Cracker history, and Talkin’ Tourism covered them all. 

Don't forget we invite listener submissions so send us your travel related photos, videos and reviews so that we can share them here on our blog or on the Talkin' Tourism Facebook page.

See you on Friday morning for another edutaining tourism filled hour!

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